PisoFi License Revocation

A guide on revoking Pisofi license

Posted by pisofiph_official on 2022-02-16 12:08:00

The license revocation procedure has been changed to address the increasing number of vendo users' device that has been revoked its license. The new procedure has been implemented in consideration by not only on the end-user side but also the vendo sellers/builders.

By default, all licenses that will be revoked from the device will be put on a temporary status.
This temporary status will last for 1 month or 30 days.

License revocation will be limited to 5 devices per day.

Revoked license and the device where it has been revoked will be temporarily unavailable for transfer to any other account during the said period.

For defective boards:
The license that has been revoked from a defective board can be used or assigned to a different board within the same account but will not be allowed to be transferred to another account for the same period mentioned above.


For another case that the owner intends to replace/remove their device's license:
A revoke process has been implemented to immediately remove/revoke a license from a device.
This will cancel the 30 days temporary period mentioned above and will allow the user to freely manage the license and the device. 

This process will be only applicable for devices running the latest Pisofi app version, 4.8.7 for standard, and 3.8.1 for the Lite version with the latest patch( system checker ). Older versions will have to update or wait for the temporary period to expire.

Please follow the below steps in order to revoke the device license without the temporary period.

  1. Navigate to your Pisofi account Devices tab >> All Devices and
    click the device id that you want to revoke its license.

  2. On the device management page, click the Remove License button.

  3. On the same page, click the copy button to copy the revocation token.
    Or you can copy the token directly. 


  4. Proceed to your device and log on to your device's admin panel. 
    Make sure that you're running your machine with the latest system patch. Else, you need to run the system checker.
    This can be done by navigating to Tools>>System Checker.


  5. Navigate to the device tab on your device admin panel.
    WARNING: Do Not Revalidate!
    You'll need to click the Revoke button beside your device license. 
    If you don't see the button, it's either you're not running the latest PisoFi version or you haven't run the system checker. 


  6. A dialog will pop up, and you'll need to paste the revocation token you've copied earlier on the designated space for it. 
    Then, end the process by clicking the Revoke button.

    This will cancel the 30 day temporary revocation period. 

    Upon successful revocation, license information will show no license found.