PisoFi F.A.Qs

Random questions and answers from PisoFi clients

Posted by jer021 on 2019-12-24 17:00:00
Q. Where can I download the the files needed.
A. Please have time to browse on this link Pisofi Files. This link includes PisoFi images, diagrams, node mcu firmware and other files needed to set-up your pisofi vendo.

Q. What is the license's SRP?
A. Our srp for the main vendo license is Php 1,000.00 and Php 300.00 for the sub vendo and desktop credits.

Q. Do you have tutorials on setting up Pisofi?
A. Please checkout our youtube channel Pisofi PH for our tutorials and demos. 

Q. Do PisoFi has a trial period?
A. Yes, it has. Trial period is 14 days with NO limitations and full access to all features. Please have time to check our youtube channel and  look for registration / full set-up tut. Pisofi PH. 

Q. Where can I buy a license?
A. You may contact our distributor/s near you and purchase a license from them which you can find on PisoFi Distributors. You may also get one directly from us specially for distributors license. Just send us a message on our facebook page PisoFiPh.

Q. Does the license includes charging and eloading features?
A. Yes! This features are free of charge.

Q. Is PisoFi a server based system/platform?
A. NO! Pisofi is fully offline. The only online sever dependency is our license validation. 

Q. Can I remotely operate/control my vendo from other location?
A. Yes you can! We're using ngrok localhost tunneling to communicate to every vendos remotely. You just need to create an account at ngrok.com. For further instruction, please visit our youtube channel Pisofi PH.

Q. Can I use single ngrok account on  multiple vendos?
A. No you can't! You need to have 1 ngrok account for every vendo.

Q. Is the eloading server down?
A. Since we're using coins.ph loading service. You may check thier Buy Eload API status.

Q. My vendo is not crediting/reading all inserted coins.
A. Please check your ground connections. Coin slot and your pi should have common grounding.

Q. There's always a credit everytime I click the insert coin button (ghost credits/invalid credits).
A. Few things to check on isolating this issue.
  • Your coin slot must be set to NO(normally open).
  • Loose connections on your set-up can also cause invalid credits.
  • Other coin slot also causing same issue.
  • Mechanical relays could also be one of the reason.
  • You may also try resetting your pin configuration and apply your changes.

Q. How PisoFi eload works?
A. Few things to note are as follows:
  • PisoFi eload uses coins.ph eloading service.
  • Each vendo owners must have and use thier own coins.ph account.
  • PisoFi only acts as a third party platform to make your coins.ph eload business more convenient and available at all times as possible.
  • You will be fully responsible on filling up your account's balance via all coins.ph available cash in options and all other things to make your eloading business up and running.

Q. How to bind my coins.ph account on my PisoFi vendo?
A. Please check our youtube channel and look for our eloading tut. Pisofi PH . But, please do note that Coins.ph have done some update on thier system that you'll need to take note of your API secret, else, you'll not be able to see it again.

Q. What is sub vendo faeture?
A. Sub vendo is the pisofi's multicoinslot feature. This will enable the machine onwer to put additional coinslot / charging station  within the the main vendo network coverage in a cheaper cost. For further instruction, please visit our youtube channel Pisofi PH.

Q. What is the desktop support feature?
A. This feature enables PisoFi vendos to extend its capabilites for something more bigger, to use it not only by the wifi users but also by the desktop users. The set-up will be similar with our convensional computer shops with the help of our pc client app. For further instruction, please visit our youtube channel Pisofi PH.

Q. My SD card is being corrupted from time to time.
A. Please try changing to a brand new SD card. Our suggested sd card si SandDisk Ultra. Please also check your hardware connections, or if you're using a custom board, defective components or bad design may affect/cause the issue as per our some clients.

Q. Is the portal customizable?
A. Yes it is. But, you'll have to have a basic knowledge on css.

Q. Always having a connection drop with my black modem.
A. Our telnet feature might help you to solve your issue. Just run a "IPTABLES -F" command on your modem from time to time(can be set on admin panel).

Q. What and how to use the Peripheral Timer controller pin?
A. This pin can be used to trigger timed events, such as lightings that you want to be on at within the window of time. 
First, You need to set the pin you want to use in Settings>> Pin Configuration tab, be sure that you also enable the pin, then and go to job schedule and set the start and stop time of the peripheral pin.

Q. My coinslot is always accepting coins even if I'm not clicking the insert coin button.
A. Please check your your pin configuration if it conforms to you hardware connection. Also check the trigger logic level if logid low or high depends on the relay module type you're using.

Q. Does Pisofi supports bill acceptor?
A. Yes it does. With dedicated pin and customizable pulse - amount mapping.

Q. What are the advantages of Pisofi from the other software?
A. One of the main advantage of pisofi is its full ofline operation aside from license validation.
It won't affected by any server downtime as long as your machine have a full functional internet connection.
All computing activities are done locally that will result to a more snappy software experience.
There might be other advantages, such as we have more useful and very flexible features and of course our very active support and development.
You can also check the list of out features from this link Pisofi Features.

Q. How to pause time or toggle other portal/client features?
A. Please have some time to explore the app since it has a lot of different features. But, for the portal features you can check it at Portal>>Wifi Options. You can toggle on/off a most of the client features there.