Build Guide

How to build piso wifi vendo with pisofi software

Posted by jer021 on 2020-03-02 04:24:00
Disclaimer: This is a DIY guide and your actual hardware set-up/connections might differs from ours, that might result to some issues. Thus, any hardware related issues such as loose or wrong connections and ghost/invalid credits are beyond our scope and responsibilities. For those want a ready to use vending machine, you may contact our Pisofi Distributors within your area for assistance.



1. Raspberry Pi B model or Orange Pi One/Pc boards with 16GB SD card( recommended )

2. Universal Coin Acceptor or Ordinary/Single Coin-Dedicated Coin Acceptor

3. 12V and 5V Power supply  ( 12V/2A(min) power adapter and a 5V/3A buck converter 


4.  Usb-to-Ethernet Adapter

5.  Miscellaneous:
  • Connectiing wires(Dupont wires)
  • UTP Cables
  • Resistors (330 Ohms)
  • 5mm LED(Optional)


Below connection diagram is just our suggested set-up and can be change as per your preference and knowledge. Click the image to redirect to the downloadable pdf file.
Please do not forget to check your Default Pin configuration on your admin panel  at "SETTINGS" >> "PIN CONFIGURATION" that it matches your actual wiring connections.

Click RESET PINS if the current pin configuration doesen't match with the connection diagram.


1. Download all necessary files on below links.

​​​- Pisofi Image

- Win32DiskImager

2. Flash the image on you sd card using Win32DiskImager by selecting pisofi image and drive letter of your sd card. You can also watch youtube videos as this is just a generic process.

3. Boot up your Raspberry pi or Orange pi board with your Sd card with Pisofi image.

4. Connect to "PisoFi" SSID for Raspberry pi board users. It should open or prompt to open a captive portal(image below). No buttons means need some more steps to do :).

NOTE: For Orange pi board you will be needing a usb-to-ethernet adapter  and a wifi router that needs to be in AP mode. 

5. To proceed with the device registration, you are required to create an account at ( you can skip this step if you already have one ).

6. Open your admin panel using your browser by typing in and log in using the default user name and password (administrator/admin12345).

7. By opening other tabs than the system status you will be redirected to registration notice page if you're using a new device. You can proceed by clicking the register device button and will be redirected to pisofiph login page or directly to your pisofiph accout that has been created/logged in earlier.


8. You must see a success message saying that your device has been successfully registered. If your device has been or currently registered to other account, you will see an already registered message.

9. (NOT NEEDED ON 4.2.1 IMAGE) Go back to your admin panel to verify that your device is now registered. By navigating to "DEVICE" tab, you must see this API setting. 

10. (NOT NEEDED ON 4.2.1 IMAGE) On your account, go to "ACCESS TOKEN" tab and copy the very long token and paste it to your API setting on your admin panel as you can see on the previous step above then click save and confirm, then reload the page.

11. By navigating to "DEVICE" tab. You will see another requirement, the license. Click "Assign a License" button to assign your device license.

12. You will be redirected to your device online management at your pisofiph account. You can click assign license if you already have one in your account or request a trial which lasts for 14 days. See images below. 

NOTE: Click remove license when changing from trial license to an official license.

13. Go back to your admin panel and reload your device tab, and you must now see your device details and your portal buttons.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You can now explore your newly set-up PisoFi piso wifi vending machine.